Meditations & More

Some of my Favorite Sites :) ........


My all-time favorite meditations are by Fernando Albert.

His guided meditations have Theta brainwaves for a deeper relaxation and have positive subliminal messages.There are many to choose from. I love them all. My dogs love them too! My older dog gets stressed easily. I put on these meditations for him and he calms down almost immediately.


 Fernando also is a Reiki Master and Psychic and does healings and readings too. He is the most gifted, honest, kind soul that I've ever met and I highly recommend all of his services. His prices are very reasonable. You won't be disappointed. He is simply amazing!


Looking for some Free meditations? Are you wanting to connect to your angels, spiritual team or just want a peaceful guided meditation? Well then, you'll want to check out Lisa Beachy's You Tube channel.  She has so many to choose from. You'll be happy you did!

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