Lavender & Sage Smudging Spray - Reiki-charged

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  • Made with White Sage Essential Oil 
  • Smokeless Alternative to Burning Sage
  • Clears Negativity from any Space
  • Reiki-charged Room & Body Spray
  • Infused with Quartz Crystals **(and Black Obsidian if you choose)
  • Cleanses and Purifies Negative Energy

  • ** PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the Quartz Crystals, you now have the option to include Black Obsidian Stones in the bottle as well. Black Obsidian is a very protective stone and excellent at removing negativity. 


    Lavender & Sage Smudging Spray is a smokeless alternative to burning sage for those times when a cleansing of an area is required without the smoky smell. Just a few sprays of this Lavender scented spray clears negativity from any space and even on your body. In addition, this smudging spray is infused with Clear Quartz Crystals which are known for their ability to cleanse and purify energy. This Reiki-charged spray will leave you & your space feeling light, positive and high vibrational.

    DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake bottle: Simply spray any area that you would like to cleanse, starting at corners of room, moving onto to center. To spray yourself, test for allergies first. Then, close your eyes and spray over your head allowing the spray to fall upon your body.

    4 Ounce Bottle

    INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, Pure Lavender Essential Oil, Pure White Sage Essential Oil (Salvia apiana), Pure Sage Essential oil (Salvia officinalis), Pure essential oils, Sweet Almond Oil, Pure Grapeseed Oil, 100% Natural Witch Hazel, Reiki-charged Quartz Crystals  


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